Immersive Spanish Classes in Ecuador

Learn Spanish the fun way – by immersing yourself in the middle of an exotic beach town! Of all the Latin American countries, Ecuadorian Spanish is the easiest for begginers to grasp. So when you study here, you will have ample opportunity for genuine engagement with the local townsfolk. And because everyone around here is used to having international students in town, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

What LEVEL am I?

A1 - A2 Beginner

This program will set the foundation for your use and comprehension of the Spanish language in day to day life. You will begin to use Spanish in social settings by learning standard greetings, expressing needs, making requests, ordering meals, asking for directions and more.  

B1 - B2 Intermediate

Take the next step in conversing in Spanish! If you choose this option you will devote your time to pronunciation, dictation, diastractic and diaphasic varieties of Spanish. Unlock a mastery of past tense with this intermediate Spanish course. 


C1 - C2 Advanced

Take the next step in speaking great Spanish by enrolling in our advanced program! This course will leave you with the grammar and abilities to have an in-depth conversation. You will be able to learn more about the culture and articulate your own personal insights and thoughts! 


At this stage, engage in deep conversations about complex topics! Laugh at subtle jokes with local friends and enjoy a level of mastery of the Spanish language that you have worked so hard to achieve. To reach this level the student must be able to speak Spanish with the fluency and accuracy of a native speaker.

Our Schedule for In-Person Spanish Classes & Lessons

Classes start every Monday

  • All Spanish programs work Monday to Friday (Saturday upon special request) 

  • Spanish classes are coordinated from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Pick your best time of the day to study, we are flexible! 
  • Level test before the classes.
  • Each course focuses on grammar, writing, listening and speaking. 

  • Our school offer programs starting from 1 week up to 12th weeks and more. 1 hour up 4 hours per day. Choose you schedule! 

What is included in my Spanish package?

  • School registration. 
  • Student kit: Tote bag with 1 Spanish book according your spanish level, 1 notebook, pens, and all study materials required for the course.

  • Certificate of completion of the Spanish Program at the end of the course.

  • Coffee and tea service.

In-Person Private Spanish Classes

Private Spanish classes are designed for students who want to learn Spanish quickly and effectively.
The course covers the grammar and structure of the language with a strong focus on communication.


Private classes are 100% customized to every student’s requirements and skills. Our school offers programs from 1 hour up to 4 hours per day. 

Morning or afternoon schedule available from Monday to Friday or Saturday upon special request.

1.5h per day

5 classes USD $145
10 classes USD $260
15 classes USD $375
20 classes USD $490

In-Person Group Spanish Classes

Group Spanish courses are designed for students of all levels.
We put groups together with a maximum capacity of 4 students per class to ensure an intimate learning experience.
All Group classes are 90 minutes in length.

Morning Classes

Monday – Friday

Afternoon Classes

Monday – Friday

1.5h per day

5 classes  USD $120
10 classes  USD $210
15 classes  USD $300
20 classes  USD $390

In-Person Intensive Spanish Courses

Get your learning in gear and give your language skills a serious boost by taking our Intensive Spanish Program!
Study Spanish in-person for 3 hours per day with a 10 minute break built in.

Morning Classes

Monday – Friday
9:00 am – 12:10 pm
(with 10 min break)

Afternoon Classes

Monday – Friday
1:00 pm – 4:10 pm
(with 10 min break)

3h per day

 5 private classes   USD $230
10 private classes  USD $430
     5 group classes USD $210
   10 group classes USD $390

Special Spanish Programs Designed For You!

Whether it is a revision program or a grammar workshop, we are constantly exploring ways to deepen your learning experience.

Ask us about: 

Medical Spanish & Volunteer Programs

Agriculture Spanish Programs & Volunteer

In-Person Spanish Programs For Kids

Designed to make Spanish easy and fun for children around the world.

Classes are 100% customized to every student’s requirements and skills. Our Spanish for Kids resources provide everything a child needs for quick learning. 

1 hour per day 

Recommended for children from 3 years to 11 years old. Morning or afternoon schedule available from Monday to Friday or Saturday upon special request. 

5  classes   USD $135
10 classes  USD $240
15 classes  USD $345
20 classes  USD $450


Our Online Spanish School is perfect for students of all levels who are looking for flexibility in their language-learning career. Whether you are a digital nomad seeking language practice on the side, a working professional who needs Spanish to accelerate their career, or a student who wants to continue their studies after they leave Olón, we offer both private and group courses for all levels and ages via Zoom.


Meet Our Spanish Teachers & Staff

 Ivonne Malave

Ivonne Malave

CEO - Certified Spanish Teacher

Background in Tourism and customer service, Public Pedagogy, and landscaping Industries.
15+ years teaching Spanish

 Luis Malave

Luis Malave

Co-owner - Spanish Teacher

Background in Tourism, Pedagogy, and immersion activities. 

Karen Teran

Karen Teran

Academic Director - Certified Spanish Teacher

Dynamic and self-motivated teacher with more than 20 years of expertise in immersing students into the Hispanic world through the Spanish language and Hispanic culture.

Nadine Paredes

Nadine Paredes

Certified Spanish Teacher

Background in Language and Literature, 10+ years teaching Spanish.

Dario Amores

Dario Amores

Certified Spanish Teacher

Background in Pedagogy with 10+ years teaching Spanish.

Leonardo Tomala

Leonardo Tomala

Customer Service

Background in Educacion Ambiental, Pedagogy, and immersion activities.

My family of four (two kids aged 10 & 13) had an amazing experience learning Spanish at Outdoor Ecuador. We were all at different levels but they worked with each of us to make sure we all progressed at our own speed. Not only did they teach us Spanish but about the local community and unique customs. Luis even worked with us to pick up our kids while we were working which made me feel so comfortable knowing who was driving my kids. He took them on field trips to practice and learn Spanish which really made it an Outdoor school. My daughter took 4 weeks of surfing and progressed so much. I loved the coordinated beach and dinner events as well. We really felt part of the Olon community in the 5 weeks we spent there and Outdoor Ecuador is a big reason why. Thank you to Leo, Luis, Manolo, and David. If you guys are ever in Southern CA, let us know.

Kim Mitchell, USA

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